Oneil Ashley Chair of Paper Arts Board

O’neil Ashley

O’Neil is an entrepreneurial mind working alongside multiple businesses, and a vast network that consists of general construction to community initiatives.

O’neil has been fortunate to be a part of multi generational family raised & residing in the St Pauls area & surroundings since the 1960’s.  With this as his backbone he continues the drive to catapult his community further, alongside additional input/experience being on the board of similar enterprises.

O’neil has found that this lends well to the implementation of a diverse foundation needed to continue the great work done of yester years. 

Before leaping into business development, O’neil has over a decades worth of experience in Social Services, and not to forget his true love of creating music alongside other creative mediums.

O’neils passion is unquestioned in regards to providing the right tools to help creatives succeed in what they love doing, but most importantly in a sustainable way.

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