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Review, revise, and grow with our community

In order to deliver an effective and consistent range of services, we document the impact PAPER has through participant feedback and programme monitoring forms. We take on board comments from those that take part in our workshops, courses and events to develop what we offer and improve PAPER as a whole.

We continue to grow our city wide reach by collaborating on training programmes in partnership with The Prince’s Trust, Knowle West Media Centre and Bristol City Council amongst others.

We are extremely proud of the impact we have made on our community, which you can see for yourself through our yearly impact reports.


Annual impact reporting

Future Impact


Underpinning our approach to social impact

Rigour and integrity – We create channels for open feedback from our clients, and work with outside experts to help us constantly improve our practice in this area as a social enterprise.

Professionalism and pragmatism – We recognise that social change is complex and that we must investigate our part in this in a calm, clear, proportional and robust way.

creative identity

quantitative and qualitative tools, techniques and questionnaires

Social impact reports

Confidence in creative careers

Meeting the needs of those we are working to support and empower

What we have learnt from this is that our courses, events and workshops have helped develop young people’s confidence, offered them a chance to explore a creative career and taught them to build networks and attend more events in the industry.

As a result of our findings we have adapted the opportunities we provide to meet the needs of those we are working to support and empower.

Going forward we will continue to focus specifically on providing employment routes and enterprise training to ensure everyone has the ability to lead a meaningful life.

How we choose to make a difference

Implementing change

In 2016 we also worked with Resonance to develop our own Transformational Index or theory of change – allowing us to be clearer about the particular difference we are seeking to make in the world and the ways we are choosing to make this difference.

Then later in 2016, in order to build on this foundation, we secured some investment from Esmee Fairbairn to allow us to develop our own social impact framework.

Through the latter part of 2016 we worked with consultants from the Transformational Index (building bespoke tools) and the Real Ideas Organisation (as a critical social enterprise friend to us on this journey and helping around implementation).

Over the last four years we have been rolling out this bespoke social impact framework, and have been tracking it from then in line with our financial year and reporting cycle.

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