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“We’ve got more creative talent from the south west than you can shake a stick at.”


Pravanya Pillay and Nia Evans are the two amazing hosts of the YO Arts Fest, and this dynamic duo is sure to add a sense of energy, vibrancy and spontaneity to the event. Pravanya, who now resides in Bristol, is a performer, social activist, and comedian whose past projects have earned her recognition into the Bristol BME Power List. Pravanya met Nia through improv classes during University, which helped build Nia’s confidence as an artist, and the pair has been working and performing together ever since.

The duo is hosting the YO Arts Fest and whilst entertaining the audience, they will be highlighting the different organisations, connections and fun events happening throughout the day. The event is specially designed and hosted by young people, for young people, with the collaboration between The Diverse Artists Network and PAPER Arts allowing young creatives to have fun and venture out into the creative arts industry. As hosts of the event, we wanted to discover more about this talented twosome and learn further about the YO Arts Fest.


How would you describe your act? 


Pravanya: “Erratic.”

Nia: “Full of props.”

Pravanya: “Lots of props.”

Nia: “Gimmicky?”

Pravanya: “A lot of gimmicks!”

Nia: “A lot of character diving in and out.”

Pravanya: “Yeah there’s loads of… character heavy [content].”

Nia: “Moustache… just moustache.”



Can you tell us about why you decided to get involved in the YO Arts Fest, and why you think the event is a good opportunity for young creatives?


Pravanya: “There’s a lot of young people in Bristol who are really talented, really creative and just don’t really know where to go and what to do. And this event is so great for connecting those young people with organisations.”

Nia: “It’s definitely about making connections between people who need to meet each other, showcase their work to get the businesses off the ground and also just celebrating the brilliant talent that we have in Bristol. There’s going to be visual artists, filmmakers, photographers, graffiti artists as well! We’ve got more creative talent from the southwest than you can shake a stick at.”

 Pravanya: “What?”

 Nia: “Yeah that’s the line I’m going with. Than you can shake a stick at!”

Nia: “Ever-changing.”



What would you say to someone if you are trying to convince to come to the event?


 Nia: “It’s free for under 25s, there’s loads of opportunities if you’re an artist who wants to get in touch with organisations, find out what’s out there for you, then it’s the place to be and there’s nothing else like it really happening.”

Pravanya: “Yeah, and it’s going to be like a celebration- it’s just a celebration and it’ll be really fun!”




And finally, if you could summarise YO Arts Fest in 3 words, what would they be?


Nia: “I’m going to slightly cheat and use a hyphen. Youth-led, is a major one, creative and fun.”

Pravanya: “I would say fun, youth-led, and creative.”

Nia: “Yep, great. I love your originality.”



If you want to catch this amazing event hosted by Pravanya and Nia, check out YO Arts Fest on Thursday 15th November at Docklands Youth Centre St Pauls’s Settlement, 74-80 City Rd, Bristol. The free arts event celebrates the creativity of vibrant youth, talent and community. This interactive event will include local youth talents, inspirational speakers, arts workshops, stalls, signposting, exhibitions, delicious food and arts opportunities!



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