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It’ll be good to have everything in one space and to see what everyone else is doing – and just to meet people!



Naomi Gennery is a Bristol based graphic designer and jewellery maker. Inspired by all things colourful and Perspex, Mango Tango Jewellery was born. She uses wobbly shapes and bold colours, combined with funky patterns to create fun playful earrings, necklaces and jewellery. In her design work, she likes to use collage and hand-based print media in order to create dynamic art pieces. Naomi is also part of Gal-Dem Magazine, which is an online and print magazine that launched in 2015, where all of the content is produced by women and non-binary people of colour.


Earlier this year Naomi exhibited some of her work at the Paper Show exhibition and she will be attending the YO Arts Fest this November along with the Paper Arts Mentoring Club. The YO Arts Fest is specially designed and hosted by young people, for young people. The event is created with a collaboration between The Diverse Artists Network and PAPER Arts to allow young creatives to network and gain new experiences. We asked Naomi her thoughts about the festival and how the event can be helpful for other young creatives.




What has helped you to develop your skill or talent?

“I think what’s really helped me to develop my skill and talent is just meeting other creatives and learning about what they’re doing.  So as part of Paper Arts, as a Mentoring Club, we meet once a month and say what we’ve been up to or what we’ve been doing and think it’s just really positive having people around you.”



How does it feel to be a young individual in the arts industry?

“I think it’s fun, but it is also hard because there’s just a lot of things you need to learn and a lot of things you don’t know – and it’s hard to do it on your own. But just having that support [from Paper Arts and the Mentoring Club] really helps.”



Do you think Bristol is a good environment for artists?

“Yeah definitely! I think there’s a lot of smaller and more independent things going on in Bristol. So, if you have the time to look and find people in Bristol, there’s a lot of little creative spots going on with a lot of creative things happening.”



How do you think the YO Arts Fest will benefit you and other young creatives?

“Just being able to see what’s out there- because I know Bristol has got such a good creative scene- but it would be quite nice to have everything together and be able to talk to everyone about what they’re doing. I think if it was easier to find opportunities, [it] would just make life a lot easier, that’s why the YO Arts Fest is good because it’s a place to find opportunities that are easily available.”


Why should people go to the YO Arts Fest?

“YO Arts Festival is going to be a creative hub for young people just for the day, and there will be people doing live art, there will be stalls, there will be organisations which you can [talk] to [so] it will be a friendly environment and it’s going to be a lot of fun!”



Finally, if you could summarise YO Arts Fest in three words, what would they be?

“Community, fun and learning.”



If you want to catch this amazing event featuring Naomi and the Mentoring Club, check out YO Arts Fest on Thursday 15th November at Docklands Youth Centre St Paul’s Settlement, 74-80 City Rd, Bristol. The free arts event celebrates the creativity of vibrant youth, talent and community. This interactive event will include local youth talents, inspirational speakers, arts workshops, stalls, signposting, exhibitions, delicious food and arts opportunities!



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