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“Creativity can come from anything, even how you cook your food!”



Lauren Maria Hill is a Bristol-born artist whose works focus on portraiture and she will be showcasing her work at the YO Arts Fest this year. She will be live painting during the event onto a large canvas, exhibiting her creative talents in a vibrant environment. Lauren’s work is influenced by popular urban culture and exploring different definitions of beauty. Her art consists of a wide range of bright and beautiful pieces, from realist oil painting to bold and colourful watercolour sketches.


Lauren has also taken part in Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, Upfest Festival, which is held in Bristol to celebrate alternative styles of art. More recently Lauren took part in a charity art auction for ‘Labour Behind The Label’ and sold her work to a mysterious online bidder. Whilst Lauren is currently preparing for her live painting event at YO Arts Fest, we asked her more about the festival and why it’s important for local artists and creatives to check out the event.




What does the word creative mean to you?

“What does it mean? I think it’s just [about] expression, isn’t it? Creativity can come in from anything, even how you cook your food! It’s just literally an expression of yourself and I think that if you didn’t have creativity in your life somehow, even if you’re not an artistic person, I think it’d be quite boring.



Do you think Bristol is a good environment for artists and why?

“Yeah, I think Bristol has a lot to offer to artists of all forms, but it is easy to become isolated if you’re not in with the crowd, so I think the YO Arts Fest is going to be good for that – to make people feel involved.”



How does it feel to be a young individual in the arts industry?

“I think it’s exciting, I think there’s a lot of opportunities for young people. Especially with social media, I hear about arts opportunities going on in all different cities [and] without [social media] I wouldn’t know about it. There’s a lot of opportunities but unfortunately for younger people in schools, it doesn’t seem to be that clear, it seems a more like you have to go out and get it for yourself, it’s not really brought to you as an opportunity. That’s where YO Arts comes in because they’re literally bringing it to the young people.”





How do you think the YO Arts Fest will benefit you and other creatives?

“It will benefit me in that I will be able to connect with more people, more creatives and to get a sense of what else I can get involved with rather than just painting, [I] don’t want to put myself in that box. Hopefully, other people will go there and get a feel for something else they didn’t really think they’d be interested in. The YO Arts Fest is going to be an exciting evening full of music, food, painting, workshops, talks and it’s just going to be a venue full of really interesting people you should know about.”



Finally, could you summarise YO Arts Fest in 3 words? 

“If I could use three words to describe YO Arts Fest it would be inclusive, independent and vibrant!”




If you want to catch this amazing event featuring Lauren painting live, check out YO Arts Fest on Thursday 15th November at Docklands Youth Centre St Paul’s Settlement, 74-80 City Rd, Bristol. The free arts event celebrates the creativity of vibrant youth, talent and community. This interactive event will include local youth talents, inspirational speakers, arts workshops, stalls, signposting, exhibitions, delicious food and arts opportunities!


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