Lockdown: 4 creative activities for these strange times


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2020 was gonna be your year. You’d finally joined a new gym, bagged tickets to a summer festival, and had a course/new job/holiday lined up. Then coronavirus hit.

Lockdown has made things pretty weird. Nothing is normal, vibes are at an all-time low. Friends and family feel far away, and watching the news is a minefield. Self-isolation is a never-ending spiral of pyjamas, Netflix, and social media scrolling. And all you wanna do is check out of the situation. 

You can’t control what’s happening in the wider world, but you can control how you react. Maybe now’s the time to stop, to list the small, positive things to hold onto. 

We put together a little list of good things, for good feelings, happening online. Take inspiration, share with others, or don’t take anything from it at all! 

We hope you find something here, though, even if it inspires just a little creativity.


1. Lockdown art time

Here’s a little round up of some of the best online museums and galleries who have opened their virtual doors to us all:








2. Front row seats from your sofa

The Guardian has a list of dance and theatre being streamed online, updated everyday:




3. It’s time for Tik Tok

Creative Bloq has put together a great article on Tik Tok and why, as a creative, you can get a lot from it:







4. Your home is a canvas

Pejac, a Spanish painter specialising in outdoor murals, is leading a #stayarthomepejac campaign, encouraging creatives to emulate his style on their own walls and windows.

His work is beautiful, and the videos on his site are inspiring. Check out his Instagram page and his Stories for inspiration. Pejac reposts work from others, so make sure you share your own recreations.





Found anything else to keep you busy or inspired online? Let us know – we’d love to keep sharing ideas.

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