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Building a brand with UWE Student Ambre

My name is Ambré, I am 23 years old in my third year of University studying English Literature with Writing at UWE. I also write poetry and have a link to my work that I published on Wattpad

In this article, we will be figuring out ways that we can tap into our individuality with 5 ways to succeed in building a brand.

Building a brand is a great way to showcase what you’re about, and help you succeed as a creative. But that can only work so long as you are doing the things you have made your brand all about.

For example, BT had the same logo for a long time and it was only recently they changed their logo and essentially their whole brand, due to the fact they were all about telecoms before and now they have branched out, and are a tech company, too. 

Hopefully, by the time you’ve read this, you will have discovered how to build a personal brand as a creative. 

1. Be yourself, everyone else is taken 

Individuality is the key to building a personal brand as a creative. Finding out your strong points is a great way to play on your individuality whilst building a brand.

When it comes to building a brand, identifying your best qualities will get you further, stating your uniqueness, and offering services that you believe are your best qualities will help you to succeed.

You might already have an idea of what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses, I would say my strengths lie in creating, writing, and my kind and helpful nature.

I believe my weaknesses are, my perfectionism, my harshness towards myself, and that I am very critical of my own work and I struggle to take criticism from others as I’m already very critical of myself and I’m my own worst enemy.

Knowing your weaknesses is also helpful to improve on areas you may not have realised needed improving, which will help when building your brand as you will have more qualities to make you stand out.

2. Strengths & Weaknesses

It helps to know your strengths when building a brand, as that is your stamp on the world. Knowing your weaknesses helps you improve the qualities you can offer. Discover your strengths and weaknesses through a quiz.

I used the Richard Step test to figure mine out. You could do this, too, and see how it makes you feel and if the results were what you expected. Here are the results from the strengths and weaknesses test I did to tap into this.

My top 5 strengths, according to the test were faith, curiosity, ambition, optimism, and vision. Learning about your strengths allows you to use your individual qualities to brand yourself, as this will make you stand out. Faith is my strongest quality according to the test, and this is the message I convey in my work, to have faith always.

In terms of building a brand, I could describe my brand as visionary, or in job interviews, for example, I could say I’m an optimistic, visionary individual who is ambitious and uses my curiosity to ask the bigger questions and find out what I could do to help the company and my faith allows me to believe in what I do. 

Here, I’ve shown my results from the test and my remaining results below.


Risk Taking (75%):  Innovation (75%): Balance (69%): Communication (69%): Determination (69%): Problem Solving (69%): Teamwork (63%): Strategic Thinking (63%): Self Motivation (63%): Adaptability (63%): Purpose (63%): Integrity (63%): Focus (63%): Leadership (50%): and Resourcefulness (44%).

3. Asking family and friends 

Sometimes with all the comparing and negativity that’s out there nowadays, it’s hard to remember to appreciate yourself and it is important sometimes to hype ourselves up a bit. 

Another way to find out your brand is to ask a few friends and family members to tell you 5 qualities about yourself. I asked a few friends, my partner, and my family members to tell me what they thought of me.

I found out that a lot of my loved ones would describe me mostly as creative, resourceful, ambitious, funny, and kind-hearted. This was something that I really enjoyed doing as it strengthened my individuality and made me focus on my good qualities which can help in figuring out my brand.

Asking your family and friends is not only good for your self-esteem but is also good for figuring out what other people think of you, which is ultimately your brand, when you find out what makes you, you, it’s easier to transmit your beacon. 

4. Building your brand: your beacon 

Your beacon is an important device in building a brand, your beacon is the signal you send out into the world so that people can find you and your work.

Your beacon can showcase your work, in a unique way to let people know more about you. The more you transmit your beacon, the more connections you will make and this will allow more opportunities to come your way.

When building a brand it is important that you are showcasing your work to the right audience, in my case, I want to publish my poetry on more platforms so that more people can discover my work, which everybody wants when it comes to showcasing their work. 

My audience is likely to be girls between the ages of 16-25, due to the interest I’ve had in the past being girls in that age range, so the main goal in this section is to find a suitable platform to showcase my work.

I am aware a lot of girls around that age use Instagram so I could make a poetry page on Instagram and publish my poems on there using hashtags; using trending hashtags will get your work on the explore page and you can use those hashtags to narrow down where you would like your work to appear.

Personally for me, using hashtags like #poetsofinstagram will benefit my brand, as this way like-minded people will discover my work, and people who are looking for poetry will also discover my work. 

5. Presenting your work as a brand

It is important when building a brand to think about the way you showcase your work, in an aesthetically pleasing way, and a way that speaks to you personally and incorporates your beliefs and your personality as well. 

Personally, for me I would use muted, natural colours to present my work as I feel my work brings me back to nature and the bohemian. I am all about natural products and a natural, organic lifestyle so it just makes sense to use natural, earthy colours in my work. My writing style is confessional so it would make sense to use colours that showcase my work more as stripped back and honest. 

I have made a colour palette and mood board which I will include here too, so you can have a look and get inspiration to maybe make one yourself. I go more into detail. about this in another article I’ve written, titled, Finding Your Creative Confidence.


Not only is it fun to make a colour palette but once you’ve decided on a colour palette and theme, you can start branding yourself with those colours, using the same colours for your social media, business cards, logos, email footers, and websites.

It’s great for companies to see someone’s personal stamp on their work as it further showcases what that person is all about. 

After doing this, I was inspired to write a poem using the palette and mood board as inspiration and uploaded it to Instagram. I challenge all of you guys to do the same! The poem posted on my Instagram, titled Pears Soap can be found here.

Surprisingly, the feedback I received was amazing and I was even encouraged by my followers to start my own poetry page on Instagram, which I did shortly after the initial Instagram post that sparked it. 

Building a brand: what have we learned?

To conclude, we’ve found out that it’s important to recognise our strengths in order to use them to start branding ourselves, and also learn about our weaknesses, which are just as important in bettering ourselves and our work. 

Not only that but choosing a colour palette and developing your own personal style is a great way to showcase your individuality in your work and will help you to start branding yourself as a creative, too. 

The activities such as the Instagram post really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to develop my personal brand as a creative.

Hopefully, this will give you the push, too, to transmit your beacon and showcase your creative work to more platforms and audiences. 

Link to my work on Wattpad, Link to my poetry, Instagram. 

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