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This week we met up with Tim Fish, a very talented blog writer based in Bristol. Tim writes about hip-hop under the name Gingerslim and is considered by many of those in the UK scene to be a staple of the culture. We sat down to ask him his 5 top tips on how to run a successful blog…

“If someone has respect for your work, interacting with them on a personal level will only add to it.”

Use social media

Maintaining a social media presence is crucial for the growth of a blog. The value of sites like Twitter should not be underestimated when it comes to getting your work noticed. If you interview a rapper and then post it on Twitter, along with tags for them, their label, their producers etc., then they retweet it, the knock-on effect in generating interest is incredible.

Obviously, Instagram is better for visual representation, so if you’re an artist then that maybe the more beneficial site, but it’s worth setting up pages on all three regardless–IG, Twitter and Facebook.

Interact with readers/visitors

This ties in with the first point, because social media is likely to be the place where interactions with your audience are more likely. Simply answering any questions they have will help a lot, but connecting with them as much as possible is great. If someone has respect for your work, interacting with them on a personal level will only add to it.

Keep the blog regularly updated

This might seem obvious, but its importance should not be played down.

“I’ve held down full-time jobs for the whole time I’ve been running blog–about 8 years now. I used every single coffee or lunch break I had to keep my blog updated. I write about music, which has one of the shortest lifespans in the current online climate, so being able post new songs as soon as they are released is a real asset.”

Experiment with the format

This is a piece of advice I’m only just taking myself.

I’m a writer and reader at heart, so my preference has always been text. However, in an era where the way we absorb information is changing so drastically, the need for audio/visual content is greater than ever. The interviews I’ve done so far have all been transcribed from the audio, but I know they would have gained a lot more traction if a video version was available. Ideally you want both, but where practical, I would favour A.V.

Choose the best time to publish

Most blogs and websites will have analytics available. This will show you when your most popular days and times are, in terms of traffic and interaction. Use this information to choose the prime times to publish your content. I get a lot more interaction on Sundays compared to Saturdays, for example and I know that if I post a video on Wednesday evening, it will get more interest than if I posted it on a Friday night.

Also think about time zones! America are 5-8 hours behind the UK, so if you’re posting US related content then the window of opportunity is much later

Tim Fish is a writer who works under the name Gingerslim, writing about hip-hop. You can check out his blog here:

This blog post was written by Isaac Marks, a writer and rapper who goes by LazyEyez. You can find his work here:

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