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Creative Careers in… Part 1


Introduction to Creative Careers

There’s more to the world of creative careers than you might think!

Creativity is a great transferable skill, useful for problem solving, flexibility and imagination even in jobs that aren’t in the arts sector. Every day you use it when deciding what to wear, cooking a meal or compiling a playlist. Whether you’re making up stories, doodling on a notepad or dancing in a club, you’re being creative.

This series of posts will explore jobs that combine arts and creativity with other skills and interests.

If you want to explore further, there are a number of websites that provide job profiles and I’ve included some links below. If you’re thinking of going into any of the careers mentioned, I really recommend reading up on them in as much detail as you can. All jobs have positives and negatives, and will have some aspects that challenge you more than others. Don’t let that put you off! Challenge is important for job satisfaction. Learning is lifelong.

Job profiles – check out these sites

National Careers Service – the official site for careers advice in England

Prospects – graduate job profiles.

Creative Skillset – industry skills body for Fashion & Textiles, Film & Media, Games, Publishing and Advertising.

Creative Choices – careers site for Creative & Cultural Skills, the website for industry skills in Visual & Performing Arts, Design, Crafts, Literature and Culture.

Careersbox – Career Films on the Web.

iCould – career videos and articles.

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written by Beth Hammond

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