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Empowering young creatives to pursue a career in the arts

Inspiration and Advice for your Creative Career


Young creatives, like you, are the future. Whether it’s visual arts, music, writing, film or performance, your skills are the ones that will enrich people’s lives and build a flourishing economy. With technology changing society at an ever-increasing rate, not only do you have the ability to adapt, but you can offer something technology cannot replicate — your imagination.

If you want to work in the creative sector, this blog will give you practical advice to help you succeed on your own terms as well as inspiration to fuel your passion. It’s an easy way to learn how to enhance your employability while staying motivated to pursue your dreams, even when things get tough.

Why have a creative career?

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Communication Skills (Transferable Skills Part 2)

There’s more than one way to communicate. Whether you’re working one-to-one, in a group, or in front of an audience, here’s how you can demonstrate these skills to employers, and some suggestions for getting more experience.

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Transferable skills – making the most of what you’ve been doing all along

Everyone has skills. We use them every day, whether they think of it that way or not. So why, when we come to apply for a job, do our minds go blank and we’re convinced we have nothing to offer?

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Yin and Yang

Decoro, Sprezzatura, Grazia – Balancing work and play in your artistic practice

Where does great art come from? It’s a balance of two ingredients – hard work, and self-expression.

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What to do if you haven’t a clue – career planning for the bewildered

You’re a creative person considering your future career. But when you think about it, you don’t have a clue what that career looks like, never mind how to get there.

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Planned Happenstance: A new way of career planning

Unexpected things happen, but you can plan to make the most of them, and you can plan to put yourself in situations where new opportunities will arise.

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Mental Wellbeing Through Art

Are we thriving with good mental health, or are we just getting by? Fortunately, the benefits of arts for mental wellbeing are increasingly being recognised. If you’re an artist who wants to help people thrive, there are more and more opportunities available.

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Creative Careers in… Part 6: Art and Business

Do you want to use your creative skills to help provide a product or service for others? Here’s just a few of the things you could do.

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Creative Careers in… Part 5: Art and Entertainment

More careers using art – if you just want to make people’s lives more fun, here’s a few ways you can contribute.

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Creative Careers in… Part 4: Art and Society

If you like helping people, putting the world to rights or getting political, there are plenty of creative jobs out there for you.

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Creative Careers in… Part 3: Art and Education

There’s more to arts education than working in a school. Whether you want to teach kids or adults, give face-to-face instruction or work behind the scenes, there are many ways to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

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