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Little things for strange times

2020 was gonna be your year. You’d finally joined a new gym, bagged tickets to a summer festival, and had a course/new job/holiday lined up.  Now things are pretty weird. Nothing is normal, vibes are at an all time low. Friends and family feel far away, and watching the news is a minefield. Self-isolation is…

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How to become a Product Designer – with Theo Davies

Actionable tips from Theo Davies on how to become a product designer…

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How to build a better website: 8 Questions to ask yourself with Aime Cox-Tennant

Aime from Studio Cotton on how to build a better website to showcase your creativity…

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5 ways to make your blog a success – with Tim Fish

This week we met up with Tim Fish, a very talented blog writer based in Bristol. Tim writes about hip-hop under the name Gingerslim and is considered by many of those in the UK scene to be a staple of the culture. We sat down to ask him his 5 top tips on how to…

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How to create work you can be proud of – with Brook Tate

Being able to create work that you are proud of is a lifelong struggle for creative people. We’re constantly gripped by self doubt and worry about whether the work we do is good enough. And with the current political, environmental and social climate, it’s more important than ever that we find joy in our creative…

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How To Understand Your Businesses Finances – with Robert Simpson

Money.  We all need it.  We never have enough of it. And we want to make sure that all of our businesses are making it.  Often, your business finances can seem like this huge and incomprehensible task that we try to ignore. We caught up with Robert from Avonmead Chartered Certified Accountants to see how…

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6 Misconceptions About Being An Artist – with Harriet Wood

Recently, we spoke with Harriet Wood about what life is really like as an artist. Harriet is a graffiti artist, regularly delivers workshops with us and is passionate that you CAN make a living out of being creative.  Working for “exposure” is perhaps the most well known myth; you can’t pay rent with exposure I’m…

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How To Successfully Apply For Funding – with Merlin Goldman

Applying for funding can be one of the biggest barriers to artists and creatives finding sustainable ways of working. A successful funding application can open up so many doors for you, and it’s so important that you go into it feeling as confident as you can. This is why we spoke to Merlin Goldman to…

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The PAPER CIC Social Impact Report 2018-2019 is here!

2018 was a big year. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been working to provide spaces for young people to do what they love for a living. We’ve had our ups and downs, but 2018 really has been a year of ups. It has been amazing to work alongside a dedicated team of staff, young…

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Applications Now Open for the Mentoring Club 2019! *Now Closed*

About The Mentoring Club The Mentoring Club is a ten month programme for a small group of young creatives, from illustrators to designers, with artistic ideas, that meet once a month to develop their projects. The group look at ways to increase clientele, generate ideas on getting their work out to a wider audience and…

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