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Empowering young creatives to pursue a career in the arts



“Making something which people can look at and relate to, get inspired by and create something else with- it’s like conversing in an abstract way.”


Kim Jevon, or better known by the art alias of Piffy, is a Bristol-based graphic artist and textile print designer whose bold prints and personal flair are shown through her versatile clothing brand. Kim is also interested in street art and her bold, eye-catching and vibrant style is echoed through both her art and textile prints. The self-taught artist’s unique yet beautiful patterns encompass her positive energy and creative talents, so is perfectly suited to the vibrant atmosphere of the YO Arts Fest.


Her involvement with creative community projects and events has led to Kim’s involvement with YO Arts Fest, where she will be acting as the designer to manage the décor and other aesthetic aspects of the event- as well as liaising with possible sponsors. As part of the PAPER Arts Mentoring Club, which is a community organisation that helps young creatives to get their work out to a wider audience, Kim and other artists aim to share their work by productive means and encourage other creative individuals to do so. We asked Kim more about the YO Arts Fest and why young people should come along to attend the exciting event.



Can you tell us about the meaning and purpose behind your art?

“The creative process [of my art], it’s more about self-relation and self-expression and having that relationship with your environment and the people around you. Half of that is up to happenchance and that’s what’s so exciting about it! I get to play with this whole reality and the main thing that drives me [is] having an impact on the environment. Making something and having it being there in existence, that’s a part of my imagination which people can look at and relate to, get inspired by and create something else with. [It’s like] conversing in an abstract way.”


How does it feel to be a young individual in the creative industry?

“Quite scary! To begin with, anyway. I’m kind of settling into it now, I’ve done a lot of work for a lot of years and I feel like it’s starting to pay off now. I would tell anyone who’s thinking of getting into the creative career or they have passion in that respect to persevere because, to begin with, it’s quite hard to find opportunities but once it starts working out, it’s really rewarding.”


What advice can you give to other young artists in the industry?

“I think you need to be dynamic and open to a certain amount of criticism. Realistic. I’m quite driven in that respect, there is a balance between being obviously not too harsh on yourself but at the same time you have to have a lot of passion and drive about what you’re doing. Being open to ideas and experimenting [but] also just being open to other people as well- collaborating. I think a lot of creative people tend to isolate themselves so with [projects like the] YO [Arts Fest], creating that network and actually being around people doing similar things, otherwise, you can end up stagnant.”


How do think YO Arts Fest will benefit you and other young creatives?

“I think YO will benefit young creatives mostly because it just allows that ease of access to all of the different institutions and to like-minded people. I think networking is one of the most important factors for getting work. [It’s] also just [about] having fun, I think it’s going to be great!”


If there were three words you would use to summarise the event, what would they be?

“Fun, innovative and exciting.”


Finally, what would you say to a young person to encourage them to come to the YO Arts Fest?

“I would say this is the place to be, 15th November. It’s gonna be lit. (laughs) Can I say that? It’s gonna be lit.”



If you want to catch this amazing event involving Kim and the Mentoring Club, check out YO Arts Fest on Thursday 15th November at Docklands Youth Centre St Paul’s Settlement, 74-80 City Rd, Bristol. The free arts event celebrates the creativity of vibrant youth, talent and community. This interactive event will include local youth talents, inspirational speakers, arts workshops, stalls, signposting, exhibitions, delicious food and arts opportunities!