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Empowering young creatives to pursue a career in the arts

Celebrating Creativity in St Pauls – Join PAPER Arts in empowering Bristol’s youth


Last year we moved to St Pauls and we couldn’t be happier to be part of a community with such extraordinary creative potential. We are calling all organisations and individuals in and around St Pauls to join us to celebrate and reflect on our journey, so we can create new connections and discover opportunities for collaboration.

Join us in ‘Celebrating Creativity in St Pauls’ at Redbrick house on Thursday 12th April, 5 – 7pm by signing up here.

(Full schedule and further details found via Eventbrite link above)

Come along to:

– Get to know PAPER Arts through our timeline of projects, showcasing the achievements of our alumni.

– Explore the network of local organisations and build partnerships to better support young people.

– Discover our new creative tool for recording social impact, reflecting on progress and goal setting.