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Empowering young creatives to pursue a career in the arts

The Mentoring Club

A 10 month programme for a small group of young creative entrepreneurs, from illustrators to fashion designers, with incredible artistic ideas that meet once a month to develop their projects. The group look at ways to increase clientele, generate ideas on how to get their work out to a wider audience and develop their branding and online presence. We host a range of sessions, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to earn a living out of their creative talents.

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Work Experience

A team of 5 creatives, from graphic designers and photographers to creative writers and social media officers, work alongside each other to coordinate an event for other young creatives across the city. This monthly youth-led work experience programme helps young people make it in Bristol’s creative sector, by offering them the opportunity to explore a diverse array of interests, develop skills, all whilst gaining valuable and practical experience in a thriving arts centre. They gain tangible employment skills as well as general life skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and the power of taking initiative. By the end of the program, our young creatives feel empowered, seeing the event they have put on come together and its positive impact on those who attend.

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In a bid to tackle youth unemployment and underemployment PAPER aims to provide six month paid internships within the creative industry. This opportunity gives young people aged 16-24 from all backgrounds, from graduates to those with few or no qualifications, have the chance to access on-the-job training and experience to build the skills that employers want.

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Creative Advice Bureau

One to one industry professional advice specifically tailored to meet the needs of independent creatives. These sessions cover branding, marketing, creative CV writing, managing finances, stocking artwork in shops and building a client base, to name a few. The industry professional is able to share their wealth of knowledge and experience to increase the young person’s confidence in their abilities and to inspire them to make a living from what they love: creating!

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Enterprise Courses

Monthly courses based on developing creative entrepreneurship for 18 to 30 year olds that have a creative business idea they wish to explore. Participants meet other like-minded people and have the chance to tap into creative business expertise, covering everything from identity and branding, marketing and social media, communication skills, budgeting, and tax. We offer the chance to test creative business ideas, get feedback from peers and discover ways to improve business strategy.

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